Marta, Italy

My name is Marta Sodano and I am 23 years old. The schools I attended are primary school and middle schools and then I did high school.

As for the school, the people that I remember and who are closest to my heart are a few companions and teachers. Among the teachers that I remember the first ever was Roberta who is a support teacher, who saw in me ability and then helped me. A teacher full of understanding, tenderness and determination.


Of the friends I remember, I remember a bully called Constanza, she asked me to do things that were fun for her and laughed at me and this made me embarrassed and made things difficult for me, but in some teachers I found help and even from friends who love me. So I also learned to remember my friends.

I am an only child, I have no sisters, but at school three friends that I remember have become my sister friends, who sometimes i hear from, but not always, because they as everyone have their commitments.


I has been asked to give advice to teachers and parents. And here's my advice: there are no easy or difficult things in the world, and you do not have to judge before giving someone a chance. Just like Roberta, my teacher, did not stop and say the girl has Down’s syndrome and I will not explain anything to her. No, because she saw in me a girl who wanted to try, and she helped me to build the base and gave me some building blocks, the tools and basic knowledge to help me continue with my studies. So I ask you, please do not judge people at first glance, let us try, because if you help your students and even you son and daughter and explain well the most difficult concepts it will be easier for them to understand, to use and then to interpret, to interact with the world around them. The last thing about this suggestion is that the teachers I remember well are those who did have prejudices, they helped me with all their commitment and taught me what they knew. So if you have a knowledge, teach it to your children instead of judging them.




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